North American B-25s
"Winged Artillery"
Exclusive -- reconstructed audio & color corrected video.

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"Cannon firing B-25s in vivid color! The original film had no sound effects at all, so I took the liberty of adding aircraft engine sounds, explosions, trucks, hammering etc. I also digitally corrected severe color shifts. This is one of my favorite World War 2 documentaries."
Nine 75mm cannon firing B-25Gs of the 48th Bomb Squadron, 7AAF, based on Apamama in the Gilbert Islands, conduct a hair raising tree top level strike on the Japanese air base on Mille. Also features amazingly well preserved and very rare color footage of daily life of air crew and ground personnel stationed on the islands. As a bonus, you'll watch Sea Bees using heavy equipment to transform these hard won tropical atolls into fully functioning air bases and ground crews maintaining the Mitchell's massive canons.
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Winged Artillery is featured full screen on our
B-25 DVD, which also includes more exciting "on the deck" B-25 New Guinea air action in Air Operations Lae Salamaua, the popular film How to Fly the B-25,
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