Watch the World War II training film used to familiarize new navy pilots with the Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter live over the internet
How to Fly the Grumman F6F
"Appropriately named '"The Hellcat'!" (B&W 19:26)x-
A true workhorse fighter/bomber, faster and more durable than a Zero, easy to fly from a carrier and produced in great numbers, the Hellcat was the US Navy's number one weapon in securing air superiority over the Pacific.\
More Neat Hellcat Stuff See performance charts, cockpit photos, systems diagrams and more. These are excerpts from an original F6F pilot's manual.
Grumman F6F-5 Vital Statistics

Type: Single seat carrier-based fighter/bomber

Powerplant: one 2,000-hp (1492-kW)Pratt & Whitney R-2800-10W Double Wasp 18 cylinder radial piston engine


Maximum Speed:

386 mph (621km/h) at medium altitudes

324 mph (521 km/h) at sea level

Initial Climb: 3,410ft (1039 fm) per minute

Service Ceiling: 37,300 ft (11369m)

Range: 1,040miles (1674 km)


Empty: 9,153 lb (4152 kg)

Normal Take-off: 12,500 (5670 kg)

Max. Take-off: 15,413 (6991 kg)


Span: 42 ft 10 in (13.08m)

Length: 33 ft 7 in (10.23m)

Height:13ft 1 in (3.99m)

Wing Area: 334 sq ft (31.04m2)


6 X 0.5 (12.7mm) Browning machine guns, 400 rounds each

Bomb Load : Bombs:2,000 lb (1818 kg)

Rockets: 6 X 5-in (127mm) HVAR



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Grumman F6F Hellcat