Bird Dog FAC for F-100s
Supports US Army
Restored Color
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This short film is a real gem. You'll see an Air Force Forward Air Controller (FAC) assigned to the 1st Division, flying a tiny Cessna O-1E Bird Dog and operating in conjunction with three F-100 fighter bombers out of Phan Rang and local Army Artillery. Their mission is in support 3rd Brigade operations against VC bases near Lai Khe, 50 miles from Saigon. Specifically, to prep an LZ so chopper borne troops could land and conduct offensive operations. You'll see spectacular color footage of the Bird Dog operating in tandem with the F-100s, striking at very low altitudes, followed closely by a Huey assault. The importance of FAC air operations in the Vietnam War cannot be overstated. Pilots flew the equivalent of vulnerable paper airplanes within rifle shot of the enemy to coordinate air and artillery strikes and the rescue of downed pilots.



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