Mission Acomplished
First US B-17 bombing mission over Europe - 1942 - Restored
“Mission Accomplished” tells the story of the first American B-17 bombing mission over Europe, On August 17, 1942 eighteen B-17Es from the 97th Heavy Bombardment Group, Eighth Bomber Command (later Eighth Air Force) from Grafton Underwood, performed the first daylight raid over Northern Europe by US heavy bombers. Escorted by RAF Spit Vs & IXs, 6 bombers ran a diversion along the French coast, while 12 more Fortresses attacked the primary target., the important rail yards at Sotteville, France, near Rouen. This mission was a crucial first step in establishing the efficacy of American daylight precision bombing doctrine. Success of the raid was vital so that VIII Bomber Command CO Gen Ira C. Eaker went along for the ride in B-17E "Yankee Doodle. Though small in scale, the raid was a success, with precision hits on important rail assets, with only two Fortresses sustaining minor damage. Lucky for us, combat cameramen recorded this historic action from briefing through "bombs away!"
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Mission Accomplished
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