Why We're Here
Fighting in Burma & India - 1945
(Digitally Restored)

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This film report, "Why We're Here," was delivered by General Daniel Sultan, who succeeded General Stilwell as Allied commander of Burma/India operations. When surveyed, 50% of US forces had responded that they didn't know why they were in seemingly obscure South East Asia, "fighting to save the Chinese and the British Empire," instead of in Europe or the highly publicized island campaigns in the South Pacific. In response, the General shows the vital strategic importance of keeping China in the war and the essential role (and sacrifices) of British and Chinese forces, all done through engaging film clips and maps. The epic construction and importance of the new Stilwell Road and petroleum pipeline to China are also shown in detail, something all US troops could be proud of. Finally, the essential role played by logistical support units and hospital personnel in making it all happen is emphasized.
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Bomber Collection