German World War 2 Newsreels
JG 26, Rommel, Night Fighters, Panzers & more
(1944 - Digitally Restored)
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During World War 2 German combat cameramen were celebrities for a good reason. These clips are from the "Die Deutsche Wochenshau" newsreel series. Of course, some of them have a obvious propaganda slant: Nazi leaders are idolized and retreats are portrayed as victories, but they are also a unique collection of seldom seen World War 2 films, often in very good to excellent condition, as they were shown to the German people and in occupied countries. I added supplementary text in English identifying people, places and equipment where I could, but the pictures tell the story here. Zeno

I did digital audio & video restoration. See samples here:

Some highlights: Rommel visits the 21st Panzer Division (with many shots of armored vehicles) and Pips Priller's JG 26 fighter squadron in France shortly before D-Day. Daily life on a Luftwaffe night fighter base including shots of leading Aces Leopold Fellerer (41) & Prinz zu Sayn-Wittentgenstein (83). The Wehrmacht prepares for the Allied invasion of Italy. German FLAK units and Italian Macchi C.202 Folgore fighters oppose Allied air attacks in Italy. Luftwaffe pilots take a ski vacation. German mountain troops prepare defenses in the snow covered in the Abruzzi mountains

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