Japanese High Altitude Balloons Attack the U.S.A. in World War 2 HD NEW! --Save on World War2 & Jet Aircraft DVDs at Zeno's Flight Shop

During World War 2 Japan developed large hydrogen filled paper balloons that carried incendiary bombs all the way from Japan to the the West Coast of North America - from Mexico to Canada. Released near Nagoya at specific times of the year, they ascended to about 30,000' and road prevailing winds, traveling at about 100mph, taking about four days to reach the West Coast. A set of relatively simple instruments controlled altitude and release of small incendiary bombs designed to set fire to forests, crops and flammable structures. Some of them made it all the way, but without causing significant damage. The U.S. Navy recovered a few that crashed & failed to explode to study them and to recreate the replicas shown & explained in this fascinating film.

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