The New Guinea Campaign
Airborne Operations Lae-Salamaua - 1943
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This action packed film covers a key battle of the oft overlooked 1943 New Guinea campaign in the South Pacific. General Douglas MacArthur and his staff put together a brilliant combined arms strategy that utilized Air Power as a key element to leap frog over rugged jungle terrain and isolate and destroy Japanese strongholds.
While tough Australian jungle fighters spearheaded the frontal ground assault, American paratroopers accompanied by Aussie light artillery volunteers, dropped on, seized & secured a Japanese air base behind enemy lines so that an Australian division could be ferried in on C-47s and attack the enemy from the rear. This film effectively uses maps & illustrations to show the strategy and tactics used in this this classic battle. In this almost impassable terrain, that made transport of heavy guns slow and difficult, air power functioned as "flying artillery." You'll see spectacular in cockpit views of B-25 Mitchell medium bombers making strafing runs on Japanese bases at tree top level as well as some of the first ever "on the deck" tail gunner views of delayed action and "para frag" bombs dropping & exploding right behind the hedge hopping Mitchells. Some nice A-20, B-24 & P-38 action footage too!
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B-25 Bomber
Air Operations Lae-Salamaua
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