Design and Development of the M48 Patton Tank
1955 (Restored)
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The M48 was the first American battle tank designed & built entirely after the end of World War 2. As such it incorporated lessons learned in Europe and in Korea where United Nations forces encountered Soviet Armor for the first time. This very thorough documentary covers all elements of development from initial needs assessment, design, testing systems & prototypes through introduction & training. Highlights include an inside view of the Detroit Ordnance R&D Center where 10 of thousands of parts were developed, failure & performance tested including engines, armaments, metallurgy, cold weather performance, lubricants, field testing & much more.

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* Seek, Strike & Destroy: The Camp Hood Tank Destroyer Training School
* Tank Destroyer 3" Gun Motor Carriage M10
* Ordnance Repairs & Field Expedients for Tracked Vehicles
* American Armored Force
* Deployment of a Tank Company Team for Night Attack
* Birth of a Tank:The M48
Plus two bonus World War 2 manuals
* Tank Destroyer Field Manual: Tank Destroyer Drill and Crew Drill
* Tactical Employment of Tank Destroyers
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