More neat P-61 stuff! Performance charts, cockpit photos, systems diagrams and more . These are images taken from original World War II pilot & technical manuals for the Northrop P-61 'Black Widow" Night Fighter.

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Cutaway Diagram -- Major Components

P-61B: Cockpit, Front

P-61B: Cockpit, Right

P-61B: Cockpit, Left

P-61 Pilot's Instruments & Bomb Release Panel

P-61 Electrical Control Panel

P-61 Night Binoculars

P-61 Radio Operations, Upper

P-61 Radio Operations, Lower

P-61 Radio & Communications Equipment

P-61 Gunner's Compartment

P-61 Turret Control Gun Sight

P-61 Cones of Fire, Turret

P-61 Cones of Fire, Canon

P-61 Gunnery Equipment

P-61 External Armament Systems

P-61 Angles of Armor Protection

P-61 Prop and Engine Controls

P-61 Fuel System

P-61 Stall Chart

P-61 Power Plant Chart

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