Watch the World War II training films used to familiarize new pilots with the Bell P-39 fighter "live" over the Internet.
How to Fly the Bell P-39 Airacobra
Introduction to the P-39
Learn P-39 basics in this very detailed video. Includes aircraft familiarization, pre-flight check, take off, landing, and basic in flight operations. --
Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter pilots have air to ground target practice
One of the Russian Air Force's favorite US. imports, the Airacobra was an outstanding tank buster on the Eastern Front. It's mid engine and 37mm canon were virtually unique. The 39 was widely used as a trainer in the US and had a reputation for weeding out poor pilots -- permanently.
More Neat P-39 Stuff
Performance charts, cockpit photos, systems diagrams and more. These are images excerpts from an original P-39 pilot's manual.
All files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 .pdf format.
1. P-39 Cockpit Instruments Forward
2. P-39 General Arrangement (Contains diagram key for #1.)
3 P-39 Cockpit Right & Left
4. P-39 Weight Balance Diagram
5. P-39 Cooling System Diagram
6. P-39 Specific Engine Flight Chart
7. P-39 Take-Off, Climb & Landing Chart
8. P-39 Flight Operation Instruction Chart
These images are highly compressed for download. They are available in much higher resolution (300 dpi) in the 36 page P-39 pilot's manual our the P-39 DVD
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Bell P-39Q Airacobra Vital Statistics

Type : Single seat fighter


One 1,200-hp (895-kW) Allison V-1710-83 liquid-cooled 12 cylinder vee piston engine, three blade Curtiss propeller


Maximum Speed:

386 mph (621km/h) at 9,500ft 92895 m)

Cruising Speed

200 mph (322k/hr)

Initial Climb: 4,000ft (1220m) per minute

Service Ceiling: 36,000ft (10973m)

Range: 650 miles (1945km)


Empty: 5,610lb (2545 kg)

Max. Take-off: 8,400lb (3810kg)


Span: 34 ft 0 in ft (10.36m)

Length: 30 ft 23 in (9.19m)

Height: 11ft 10 in (3.61m)

Wing Area: 213 sq ft (19.79m2)


1 37mm canon

2 X 0.5 (12.7mm) Browning machine guns in fuselage

2 X 0.5 (12.7mm) Browning machine guns in optional wing pods

Bomb Load

1 X 500 lb (227 kg) bombs,


Bell P-39s

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"Introduction to the P-39" on the P-39 DVD
Plus two DVD Bonus videos-
* How to Fly the P-39 Demonstrates more advanced procedures including standard aerobatics, stall recovery, formations flying, gunnery and more
* Collecting And Reporting Enemy Information by Fighter Pilots
This rare early war training films features P-39s of the "181st Squadron" carrying out a complete mission, with an emphasis on briefing sessions, gathering intelligence during a combat mission, and how to give accurate after action reports. Basic squadron tactics are also covered
*A 36 page Bell P-39 Airacobra pilot's manual -- includes photos, systems diagrams, performance charts, procedures & more.