Air Photographic Intelligence for Bombardment Aviation 1944
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Top secret & never shown to the public, this picture is an amazing time capsule from World War 2. Starring screen legend Alan Ladd (Shane, This Gun for Hire) it's like a real life detective story, seen only by Air Intelligence trainees.Smitty€ an American Captain in photo analysis stationed in a misty Scottish castle, becomes obsessed with a photo recon picture taken over Hamburg, Germany, that has anomalies he just can't explain. The story of how he solves this riddle using persistence, insight and World War 2 High Tech (including €Stereo Vision) is a fascinating tale. You'll see all phases of Photographic Intelligence in action, from initial missions flown by Lockheed F5s (recon version of the P-38) high over Germany, through Phase 1 Tactical Analysis to Phase 2 Strategic Analysis. You'll learn all the details of how photographic missions were selected & flown and how the resulting pictures were processed, organized, distributed, analyzed and used to determine bombing targets. This film shows a crucial ingredient in World War 2 bombing you won't see anywhere else!

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