Resisting Interrogation for U.S. Airmen - 1944
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Produced in 1944 to prepare US airmen if they were shot down & captured. The crew of a "'B-99" bomber is captured in Northern Italy and taken to a Luftwaffe interrogation center. where they're put in hot boxes, given bogus "red cross" forms to fill out, exposed to fake executions, put in cells with informers, and threatened with harsh punishment. Despite being told that they should only give their name rank and serial number, they often give important information away in casual conversations. They think because they aren't briefed until the day of a mission, they don't know anything important, but as the head interrogator says, "they don't know what they know." Scraps of minor info they each reveal allows the Luftwaffe to paint a larger picture with deadly results. Made in 1940's "Casablanca" like Hollywood style, the film features an all star cast including Academy Award Winner Loyd Nolan, Craig Stevens, Don Porter, James Seay and Arthur Kennedy, along with several familiar German and Austrian actors who fled Naziism.Carl Esmond gives a memorable performance as the crafty and debonair camp commandant, "Major von Behn."
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Resisting Interrogation for Allied Airmen
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