B-17 Knockout Dropper - Champion of the E.T.O.
1944 Exclusive - HD


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Exclusive Documentary in HD! Meet the crew of B-17F €Knockout Dropper€ and follow them on a maximum effort bombing mission to the hit the ball bearing plant at Ekner, West of Berlin. This is a fictionalized recreation a mission made during World War to show bomber crews in training back in the U.S.A. in the 3rd Air Force what to expect when they went overseas. It's a combination of footage of an actual "Knockout Dropper" crew supplemented with actors and combat scenes from a wide variety of sources. Knockout Dropper wasn't just any B-17. She was one of the first "Flying Fortresses" to land with the 303rd Bomb Group in Molesworth England in 1942 and one of the first to enter combat. Flying with the 359th Bomb Squadron, she was the first 8th Air Force B-17 to complete 50 missions and the first to complete 75, earning her the title of "Champ of the E.T.O." In total, she flew a remarkable 88 missions before being retired and flown back to tour the U.S.A. I've added a "Knockout Dropper Scrapbook" after the film honoring some of the crews that flew her on notable missions as well as background info and photos of Molesworth, the B-17F and the 359th Bomb Squadron & the 303rd Bomb Group.

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