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White Tailed Marauders in HD NEW
Chopper Pilot Training NEW
365 FG Hell Hawks
The Air War in Europe 1943
Target for Today
WW2 Photo Intel for Bombing Missions
Resisting Interrogation for US Airmen
The Stilwell Road & the C.B.I. Campaign
White Tail Marauders & their B-26s
New HD Restoration
Exclusive Original Production - Rare color film of B-26 Marauders in action in the Spring of 1945. See the 453rd, 454th, 455th, and 455th Bomb Squadrons operating against Germany from their base in Laon, France. All color footage really brings this bygone era startlingly back to life. Where possible, individual aircraft and their crews are identified. Special treats include escorting P-38s and a round trip mission. A must for Marauder fans everywhere
U.S. Army Chopper Pilot Training
Vietnam produced an unprecedented demand for trained helicopter pilots & crew. Starting with basic classroom work at Fort Walters Training Center, promising students move on to to basic flight school in the minuscule TH 155 trainer. Then a veteran military instructor takes over to teach them advances skills, including low level cross country flying, navigation, formation flying and recon work. Those that pass the test move on to Ft. Rucker, Alabama for advanced training on the larger TH13T, including instruments, ADF and GCa. The next step up is to the Huey UH1, basically no different than the ones they'll fly in Vietnam or Europe and includes basic maintenance and familiarization. Training culminating in an 8 Day "Field Problem"
365 Fighter Group Hell Hawks
I put this to documentary together from silent, unedited archival film. Really exciting P-47 Thunderbolt action from the skies over Germany, Spring, 1945. Col. Ray J Stecker leads the men of the 386th, 387th, and 388th Fighter Squadrons into action. Watch extensive color footage of the 365th Thunderbolts in their forward bases in France and Belgium and exciting air-to- air and air-to-ground attacks, including rare gun camera film of the shoot down of a Messerschmidt Me 262 jet fighter!
The Air War in Europe 1943
This is a series of dramatic films showing the rapidly maturing Army Air Force moving into high gear in the Fall of 1943. You'll see the B-17 "Berlin Sleeper" on one of her record breaking 102 missions. B-25 Mitchells battle North African mud to move out to their new base in occupied Italy. "Thunderbolts Over Europe" shows P-47s taking on the Luftwaffe on a dramatic bomber escort mission. Thirty-three Martin B-26 Marauder bombers, protected by RAF Spitfires, hit ship yards, power plants and workshops near Le Trait, France. You'll see the original newsreel footage of "The Memphis Belle's" last mission against the U Boat pens at Wilhelmshaven, Germany, with combat footage not shown in the later classic feature film of the same name.
Target for Today
This is THE classic World War II feature length documentary detailing a "maximum effort" American daylight bombing mission deep into Germany. There are no actors or recreations in "Target For Today." I have digitally restored this new version from a fresh archival copy.There are no actors in "Target For Today." This film was shot on location under combat conditions and features the officers and men of the 8th Air Force going about their deadly business. All aspects of an actual major raid in 1943, from early planning through final touch down and crew debriefings, are covered in this very thorough account. Anklam. Danzig and the FW-190 plant at Marienburg are the targets hit.
Air Photo Intelligence for WW2 Bombing Missions
Top secret & never shown to the public, this picture is an amazing time capsule from World War 2. Starring screen legend Alan Ladd (Shane) it's like a real life detective story, seen only by Air Intelligence trainees.Smitty€ an American Captain in photo analysis who becomes obsessed with a photo recon picture taken over Hamburg, Germany, that has anomalies he just can't explain. The story of how he solves this riddle using persistence, insight and World War 2 High Tech (including €Stereo Vision) is a fascinating tale. You'll see all phases of Photographic Intelligence in action, from initial missions flown by Lockheed F5s high over Germany, through Phase 1 Tactical Analysis to Phase 2 Strategic Analysis.
Resisting Enemy Interrogation for U.S. Airmen in World War 2
Produced in 1944 to prepare US airmen if they were shot down & captured. The crew of a "'B-99" bomber is captured in Northern Italy and taken to a Luftwaffe interrogation center where they're put in hot boxes, given bogus "red cross" forms to fill out, exposed to fake executions, put in cells with informers, and threatened with harsh punishment. Despite being told that they should only give their name rank and serial number, they often give important information away in casual conversations. They think because they aren't briefed until the day of a mission, they don't know anything important, but as the head interrogator says, "they don't know what they know."
The Stilwell Road and the C.B.I. Campaign
The story of China-Burma-India (CBI) campaign is one of the most under-reported, yet most dramatic, exciting and important actions in World War 2. Narrated by Ronald Reagan, this is a very detailed strategic and tactical account of the entire campaign, from the Chinese construction of the Burma Road in 1939 through the Japanese invasion of Burma, Allied counterattacks, Japanese counterattacks and the opening of the new Stilwell road to China in 1945. Lots of dramatic combat footage on all fronts is supplemented by behind the scenes looks at logistics, jungle hospitals and detailed maps that put diverse operations in context.

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