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P-47 Folly NEW
8th Air Force P-51s & Pilots
Acrobatics for WW2 Fighter Pilots
The Right Stuff - Profile of a WW2 Test Pilot now in HD
Convair 7002 Delta Jet Test Flights
U.S Bombers Over North Africa
B-58 Hustler Wins the Bendix Trophy
U.S. Army M-10 Tank Destroyer
"P-47 Folly" Pilot Safety Training (Part 3) NEW
This film series, produced by the U.S. Army Air Force, was shown to training instructors to prevent "avoidable" accidents during advanced P-47 flight school. This is Part 3 in the series and covers: Violent braking leading to a nose plant; Oxygen shut off at high altitude; Blocking an active runway; Mid air impacts during head on exercises; Dropping in to land from too high an altitude.
8th Air Force Fighter Pilots & their P-51s in action
The inspiration for this original documentary is a silent 8th Air Force information film showing 8th AF P-51 gun camera film shot in the snow covered Winter of 1944-1945, with brief unit IDs for each pilot. We've restored the video, added sound effects from real P-51s and included photos of most of the featured pilots with additional info and pictures of their Mustangs. You'll see film from legendary aces like "Kit" Carson & his P-51 "Nooky Booky IV" & many more.
Acrobatics for World War 2 Fighter Pilots
featuring the Fairchild PT-19
This Army Air Corps training film covers the basic acrobatic maneuvers every fighter pilot should master before heading into combat, including Immelmans, loops, snap, half & slow rolls, vertical reverses and more. This is a very detailed, hands on training film, showing the role of control surfaces, precise live action stick and rudder movements for each maneuver and common errors and how to avoid them.
The Right Stuff - Profile of a World War 2 Test Pilot
New HD Restoration
Not only is this a great window on what it took to be a World War 2 test pilot, there are rare shots of experimental aircraft at Wright Field.The film was developed by personnel at the Army Air Corps top secret Wright Field flight test facility during World War 2 to give pilots the low down on what to expect if they joined their aircraft testing program. There's plenty of info about flight testing at that time, including climb, level flight, take off and landing, test instruments, and pilot responsibilities.
This rare color film shows the 7002 being tested by Consolidated (later Convair) in 1948 at the Muroc Test Base in California, (later Edwards Air Force Base). Surely there is no more godforsaken spot on the face of the Lower 48! It's hard to imagine a more influential aircraft, as the delta wing was not only adopted in the Convair's F-102 and B-58, but also in a long series of other US, British, French, and Russian designs. Charts shown in the film do a good job of illustrating the many virtues of the 60 degree delta wing.
U.S. Bombers Over North Africa
This is a rare look at early war US air operations in North Africa. B-25 and B-17 bombers of the 321st and 97th Bomb Groups going after Rommel's Afrika Corps in Tunisia. I digitally restored the audio and video. Part of the "North West African Strategic Air Force," these groups were initially tasked with preventing men and material from reaching the Afrika Korps, and later with preventing them from escaping. The missions for the day of this film were to strike from bases in Algeria at the junction at Manouba, near Tunis, and the air field at Sidi Ahmed, near Bizerte, where a large number of valuable Ju 52 transports were based,
Convair B-58 Hustler Wins the Bendix Trophy
On March 5th, 1962, Capt Robert G Sauer & his crew in "Tall Man 55" took off from Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Texas to break three transcontinental speed records in one day, over 4,500 miles in "Operation Heat Rise." The starting gate was Los Angeles, where the Hustler topped up her fuel. Along the way, she slowed briefly again for quick in air refuels, shown in detail, and reached New York City in just 2 hours & 56 seconds. Then, back to the West Coast, nonstop in 2hrs 15 minutes. The round trip was a total of 4 hours 41 minutes, including refueling, and all three times were transcontinental speed records
U. S. Army M10 Tank Destroyer inside & out at Camp Hood TX
The M10 Tank Destroyer was the US Army's advanced successor to the half track based T12/M3 and saw action on all fronts in World War 2. Based on a M4 Sherman Tank chassis, it mounted a high velocity 3' (75mm) gun. It featured an open topped turret and with a top speed of 32 mph, was designed for the Army's "shoot & scoot" anti-tank tactics, not for slugging it out toe to toe with enemy heavy armor. You'll get a thorough tour of the M10 systems & weapons inside & out, learn the roles of it's four man crew, and watch live firing exercises on maneuvers at the anti-tank school at Camp Hood, TX.

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