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The General George S Patton Story NEW
The Battle at St Vith
Last Bomb Outtakes NEW
354th FG P-51 Mustang Pioneers
The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam NEW
The Fleet that Came to Stay
School for Danger

The General George S Patton Story New
Narrated by Ronald Reagan
Get the full story on George Patton, from his graduation from West Point through his untimely death right after World War 2. Patton was a key figure in developing the principles of armored warfare. A brilliant tactician and a controversial leader he led American forces to victory in campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, across France, in the Battle of the Bulge and then deep into Germany
This remarkable documentary combines eyewitness testimony from an all star cast of key participants on both sides of a critical engagement in the Battle of the Bulge with outstanding archival footage, detailed maps, and a return to revisit the actual terrain where each phase of battle was fought.
Last Bomb Outtakes: B-29s & P-51s & more
Restored with added SFX NEW
From the vaults of the National Archives comes a newly discovered silent reel of outtakes, expanded scenes, and new footage from the Academy Award winning World War 2 B-29 classic, "The Last Bomb." Includes never before seen footage showing an B-29 engine repair facility on Saipan, expanded scenes showing General Curtis Le May and XX Bomber Command planning a mission to Tokyo, inside the cockpit photos from an actual B-29 mission and more
354th Fighter Group P-51 "Mustang Pioneers"
Revised & Updated
This is an updated revision of a documentary I created 6 years ago with added sound effects and exclusive footage of Lt. B W Carr climbing out of a captured German FW 190 fighter . I digitally restored the color, added graphics and music etc. Rare color film of the legendary 354 Fighter Group, with over 700 Kills, the highest scoring American unit in Europe. You'll see great aces like G.T. Eagleston and B.W. Carr at work and at play in their newly captured base in Germany in Spring, 1945, only a few months before war's end. Amazing color gun camera film!
The Black Horse Regiment” was a uniquely independent unit, functioning as an armored fist, re-enforcing other units in battle and in a wide variety of other roles including convoy escort through enemy infested territory and jungle clearing. East of Saigon in III Corps, they were responsible for numerous firsts that you'll see used in combat, including developing armored vehicles for local conditions like the ACAV Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle, a an essential upgrade of the M133 APC with much better armor, additional weaponry & steel shields to protect gunners. The 11th were also the first to operate the Army's innovative new M551 Sheridan AR/AAV (Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle) light tank.
Kamikaze attacks
The Fleet that Came to Stay
Kamikaze attacks off Okinawa 1945
Japanese Kamakaze suicide bomber attacks spread fear through the Allied fleets in the Pacific. Such tactics might seem wasteful of human life today, but the rationale for them was simple. By 1945, the Allies had overwhelming air superiority and often flew more advanced fighters with very experienced pilots. Rookie Japanese aviators had little chance of success in conventional attacks and were usually shot down before even reaching the target. In March, 1945, the US Army, Navy and Marines, with the support of the British Pacific Fleet, launched "Operation Iceberg" against the Japanese Island of Okinawa, in the Ryukus, The Japanese flew 1,900 sorties, sinking dozens of Allied ships and killing more than 5,000 U.S. sailors at the cost of 1,465 kamikaze planes. 2,200 other Japanese and 763 U.S.aircraft were also destroyed during the battle.
School for Danger
S.O.E. & the French Resistance Fight the German Occupation - 1944 (Digitally Restored)
This is one the most exciting World War 2 espionage films you'll see. What's unique is that the characters play themselves performing the roles they executed during World War 2 -- from British secret agents to French Resistance fighters to special mission RAF pilots and operational commanders. This remarkable film on British S.O.E.(Special Operations Executive) wartime espionage operations in occupied France was shot on location after the Liberation. The film is a composite recreation of actual operations combined into one story line. The stars of the show, Harry Ree ("Agent Felix") and Jacqueline Nearne ("Agent Cat"), were real secret agents who ran dangerous espionage missions in conjunction with the French Resistance.
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* The US Army Air Force in World War 2 Behind the Scenes NEW!
* Legendary American Generals NEW!
* The US Army in Vietnam NEW!
* The US Navy in Vietnam NEW!
World War 2 Fighter Tactics, Aerial Gunnery,
Gun Camera Film
Eight exciting videos - all on one DVD!-
EVASION Evading Capture for Downed American Airmen
Land and Live in the Desert
Land and Live in the Jungle
* Medium Bombardment & Attack
featuring the B-25
* Flying the Boeing B-47 Stratojet
* The Stillwell Road & the CBI Campaign
* B-29 Flight Engineer
* John Huston's "Let There Be Light"
* Colossus: The Rise of the US Army Air Force 1939-43
* Republic F-105 Thunderchiefs Go to War
* The Battle for Korea
* Semper Fi! US Marines in Vietnam
* Boeing B-29 Superforts Go to War Volume 2
* Thunderbolt! Restored with more footage
* Interrogation of Enemy Airmen 1943
* Merrill's Marauders & the 88th Fighter Group in Burma
Armored Attack US Tanks in Action in WW2!
* Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses Go to War
* Record Breaker: The B-58 Hustler Story Vol 2
*The Rabaul Campaign
*X-treme Bombers: The Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing
& The North American XB-70A Valkyrie
(4 films & 2 pilot's manuals)
* Screamin Banshees
The McDonnell F2h Goes to War
* Air Mobile Vietnam
*US Carriers Go to War:
WW2 Flat Tops in Action! (color)
*Winning Your Wings (color)
*The Battle at St. Vith
Mastering the Bazooka Rocket Launcher
*Airstrike Vietnam (color)
*The True Glory
*X-Planes & Test Pilots (color)
P-47 Thunderbolts Attack (color)
*Record Breaker:
The B-58 Hustler Story Volume 1 (color)
*B-24 Liberators Go to War
* German & American Automatic Weapons
in World War 2
*A-26 Invaders Attack (color)
*A-20 Havocs in Color (color)
*Dive! Dive! Dive! -- Submarine Operations
*Mastering the Thompson Submachine Gun
*Aerial Torpedo Attack
Black Cat PBY- Exclusive New Edition
B-24 Liberators Go to War
New color print for The Fighting Lady
Airborne Assault
"White Tailed Marauders" added to the B-26 DVD (color)
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