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A Day with the A-36s
The Battle of Khe Sanh NEW
Medium Bombardment & Attack with the B-25
Army Air Force Alerts
Spins and Stalls
River Patrol
U.S. Navy Gun Fire Strikes on North Vietnam
Huey in a Helicopter War
A Day with the A-36s in Sicily
Exclusive! The A36A was equipped with the Mustang's original Allison engine, as opposed to the Rolls Royce Merlin adapted so successfully in the high altitude escort versions, which worked just fine for low level work. Note the quad 20mm canons on this fast and powerful attack plane, very unusual on an American fighter. You'll see ground crews doing their critical support work, including fueling, rearming and maintaining these sleek birds. This exciting film includes incredible cockpit views of screaming ground attack runs as well as fascinating scenes from a captured Italian air base.
The Battle of Khe Sanh
New HD Restoration
During the Spring and Summer of 1967, North Vietnamese commander General Giap targeted III Marine Amphibious Force and South Vietnamese Army units stationed in and around Khe Sanh, in Northwestern Quang Tri province, with 3 NVA divisions. His goal was to create a second Dien Bien Phu by overrunning the base and dealing the US a psychological blow. Khe Sanh was besieged for 77 days. Marines hunkered down & fought back despite daily artillery barrages. Marine Col. David E Lownds, Commanding Officer at Khe Sahn, discusses tactics.
Medium Bombardment & Attack with the B-25
This unique film was made to indoctrinate B-25 & A-20 medium bomber squadrons transitioning from Europe to the Pacific, with a focus on the North American B-25. These groups were primarily tasked with ground and anti ship attacks, inflicting huge losses on Japanese forces, far out of proportion to their numbers. Great footage of extremely low level actions! Covers operating in the tropics, squadron staff duties, planning missions, converting B-25s for ground attack and tactics for land & sea attacks "on the deck.
Army Air Forces Alerts
Merlin P-40Fs, 50 Caliber MG Jams & Turbo Superchargers
“Army Air Forces Alerts” were produced by the Air Force testing & development center at Wright Field during World War 2 to inform service personnel of the latest technological advances in aviation, communications, weapons and ordnance, and to give “heads ups” on potential problems and how to deal with them. Segments featured here introduced adding Rolls Royce designed Merlin Engines (built under license by Packard) to the Curtiss P-40, how to deal with jamming in.50 caliber Machine Gun, and the theory and practice of using turbo superchargers in aircraft engines.
Avoiding & Controlling Spins & Stalls
Many deaths in World War 2 aircraft were actually caused by pilot error, rather than enemy fire. The problem was so serious that the US Navy produced this film to directly address the problem. Learn why aircraft spins and stalls happen and how to deal with them in this thorough Wold War 2 US Navy training film. Features examples using an F6F Hellcat, F4U Corsair, PBY Catalina & more!
River Patrol
US Navy Mekong River Delta Operations - 1967
I spent quite a bit of time restoring the color in this US Navy film and am very pleased with the results. The USS Harnett County (LST-821) served as a floating base in the China Sea for PCF swift boat and helicopter patrol operations in the Mekong River Delta during the Vietnam War. The labyrinthine Delta was a hot zone in the war against well organized Viet Cong insurgents, immortalized by the film "Apocalypse Now." This beautifully photographed film is the real thing -- a "slice of life" documentary showing daily operations aboard the Harnett County and exciting action on swift boat river patrols & Huey helocipter gunship ground support missions.
U.S. Navy Hit & Run Gunfire Strikes on North Vietnam
This classified US Navy report made during the Vietnam War, “Surface Strikes,” tells the fascinating, and now largely forgotten story of 7th Fleet hit run surface attacks conducted by destroyers and cruisers, close to the shores of North Vietnam in support of Operations Linebacker 1 & 2 starting in April 1972 through January 1973. The overall objective was to to disrupt enemy lines of communication in support of ongoing air strikes. In addition to interdicting supply ships, Navy Task Forces of up to 14 ships conducted high speed gunfire attacks, often at night, against troop concentrations, AAA & Sam missile sites, supply depots, command & control centers, munitions factories and more, all North of the DMZ and within range of NVA artillery and Migs, who scored hits on US ships.
Huey in a Helicopter War
This film was produced by Bell Aircraft to show the essential part played of their "Huey" UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter in nine different of rolls, including recon & fire direction, transport & supply, a variety of assault gunships configurations and medical evacuations.The film uses dramatic combat footage to illustrate the theory, tactics and practice of Huey operations, including from the cockpit views of airborne assaults and the establish and development of LZ's in Vietnam. The advantages over and differences from traditional ground assault tactics are discussed and shown detail, along with varying tactics for different situations.

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