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B17 Video Shorts
B-17 Bombers drop airborne lifeboats (1944)
Boeing B-17s moved to Hawaii
just before Pearl Harbor Attack (1941)
See performance charts, cockpit photos, systems diagrams and more from an actual B-17F/G Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions Manual
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Even More Neat B-17 Stuff
From a B-17F E&M Instructions Manual
"The B-17 Mechanic's Bible"
from our
B-17F E&M Instructions Manual CDROM
New At over 500 pages, this was the mechanics & ground crews "B-17 Bible." The amount of information & detail in this manual is truly staggering
Photo from manual of Boeing B-17 tire inflation system c

Bomb Bay (Fore& Aft)

Bomb Hoisting

Ball Turret Removal

Control Column Mechanism

Engine Cowl Construction

Bomb Bay Door Mechanism

Engine Accessory Pods

Air Foil Maintenance: Empenage

Engine Farewell Installation

Fuel System Diagram

Fuel Tanks & Installation

Fuse Location Diagram

Hydromatic Propeller (Cutaway)

Nose Gun Installations

Pilot Instrument Panel -- Rear View

Installing Tail Gun 1

Installing Tail Gun 2

Top Guns

Supercharger Flow Diagram

Turbo Supercharger Installation

Wing Flap Control System Diagram

Wing Construction

Bendix Stromberg Injection Carburetor Diagram

Inboard Wing Panel Installation

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109 page B-17 pilot's manual with detailed charts, diagrams, illustrations, performance charts and pilot instructions.
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