Position Firing
How to hit a moving target from a World War 2 Bomber


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Hands down the best presentation of how to hit a moving target from a moving aircraft we've seen. This entertaining and informative animated U.S. Air Force training film, "Position Firing," featuring waist gunner "Trigger Joe" (the immortal voice of Mel Blanc) was developed to teach gunners the basics of how to hit attacking fighters from bombers like the B-17 & B-24. (If you think you learned everything you need to know about leading a target on a skeet range, think again.) When you factor in differing air speed, altitude, direction, deflection, & more, it's a whole new ball game. Trying to figure out where to aim so you'll hit a fast moving fighter maneuvering at 350 mph *where it will be* can be counter intuitive and varies widely depending on circumstances. We found this film to be a revelation in its explanation of the factors involved and offering training solutions for this complex craft.
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